Tax Law

The CMDG attorneys who practice tax law are familiar with the law and familiar with the numbers. CMDG does not engage in the routine preparation of income tax returns.  In addition, CMDG attorneys have helped their clients oppose deficiency actions by the Internal Revenue Service and the state taxing authorities. If recent experience is a reliable indicator, the federal and state tax organizations will become increasingly aggressive in challenging tax returns.  These audits are often supported by staff and expertise that requires experienced and competent representation; that is what we provide.  This practice area is led by Mr. Christopher J. Moore.  Mr. Moore has decades of experience in the fields of financial planning and tax law.  In fact, before deciding to attend law school, Mr. Moore practiced for many years as a Certified Public Accountant (his license is now inactive).  He remains a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants.  Under his leadership, the mission of our tax law practice area is to help you make sure that you are in compliance with federal and state tax laws and regulations, and to represent you when the government claims that you have not paid enough.

If you are ready to discuss how CMDG can help you in this field, please contact us today.