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Lewiston’s Oldest Established Law Firm

Creason, Moore, Dokken & Geidl has a team of dedicated attorneys with distinct areas of experience and expertise. Our clients work primarily with the specific CMDG attorney of their choosing. However, through the structure of our practice areas, each CMDG attorney receives assistance, insight and mentorship from other attorneys in this firm.
We maintain consistent standards of excellence through our efficient, cost-conscious teamwork model.

Since our formation in the early 1900s, we have provided quality legal representation with an emphasis on personal service. As our firm changes and grows to meet the needs of our clientele, we will continue to emphasize quality representation.

We encourage our clients to get to know the individual members of our firm, as each member possesses unique talents and experience, which are available to draw upon. The better our clients know us and we know them, the better service we can provide.

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